How to Fix Black Lines or Smudges Left by Your Printer on Paper

When your printer smears or leaves black lines all over your documents, it can be annoying, especially if you need to print something quickly. These smudges might be completely random or have a pattern to them. You can take some measures to stop this issue from occurring in the future so that you won’t experience it when you have urgent chores to finish. We discuss the typical issues that can arise on printed pages in this post, along with solutions.

Pages Have Horizontal Black Lines Down Their Sides

Black lines from your printer mean that there is too much toner powder on the rollers or transfer belt inside the printer. Any extra powder left on the rollers or transfer belt might cause lines to be left on the paper as they move the paper along. If the lines don’t follow any patterns or are in the middle of the page, the transfer belt may have marks or a piece of dirt clinging to it.

Get a lint-free cloth, a soft paintbrush, and some isopropyl alcohol to clean any nearby rollers in order to remedy this problem. Before beginning any cleaning, make sure you are wearing gloves because you don’t want to get ink on your hands or leave a mark on the rollers. If cleaning doesn’t work, it could be necessary to replace the transfer belt or the rollers.

Smudges in the Same Place or Various Places

The most likely explanation for smudges that consistently emerge in the same place after printing a number of pages is that there is dirt or a fingerprint on the drum or rollers. However, if you’ve compared the marks and they appear in different places, the drum is probably the source of the issue.

When you notice this issue, the first thing you should do is open the printer and check the rollers and drum for any dirt. If so, follow the same cleaning procedure as described above while taking care to put on gloves. Replace the toner with a fresh one if you have one to see if it fixes the issue. If the issue persists, it could be necessary to replace the fuser and drum units.

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